You are a supermom

We know that you are super committed to your baby and that you have come to value super brands that work for your little person and your lifestyle. We also know that no-one gives better advice than a mom herself. If you are a mom who is committed to quality, good brands and helping other moms, you are a supermom!

Superpowers to you

The Baby Sense Supermom program has been developed to reward you for being a supermom. As part of this program, you will hear about new products first, get to be part of our Supergroups who test and try our products before anyone else sees them. Your baby will have the chance to appear on adverts and packaging. In addition, you will be able to talk and share the news when we innovate a really super product.

We find many moms want to ask questions about our products and need advice on how to use a product, as a supermom, you will be the person to give this advice. You can demonstrate at shows, in stores and even at our seminars. We will send you brochures to share when you have the opportunity.

We will reward you for making Youtube videos that demonstrate our products.
You can sign up any time and opt out whenever you wish.

Join us and be our Supermom.

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