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The Baby Sense Taglet is the ultimate ‘doodoo blanky’ (also referred to as comfort object or security blanket). It’s made from incredibly soft textures, and brings soothing comfort at bedtime and beyond to newborns and toddlers alike.

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The Baby Sense Taglet is the ultimate ‘doodoo blanky’ (also referred to as comfort object or security blanket). The soft chenille and smooth satin tags provide just the right soothing touch experience for your baby. When falling asleep your baby will rub the Taglet between their fingers or on their face. These are self-soothing strategies that your baby can use independently at night. This means a good night’s sleep for everyone!

  • Perfect size: just the right size for your little one to carry around wherever he goes
  • Soothing: soft chenille and smooth satin tags provide just the right soothing touch
  • Practical: optional dummy tag that can be used to ensure dummy is readily available
  • Durable: machine washable

As your baby gets older, you will notice some major developmental changes that usually happen between six and eight months, including crawling, the (potential) transition from three naps down to two, as well as an increase in your baby’s separation anxiety. That’s a lot of changes! Transitional objects often referred to as a comfort object or security blanket is one way that parents can help baby feel safe and secure.

What is self-soothing?
When can a baby self-sooth?
Why is a doo doo blanky or security item vital to development?
When should a transitional object be taken away?

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Let the Taglet Security Blanket be a part of your day

  • Use it to play peek-a-boo, or as a snuggle blanket for your baby during feedings
  • If your baby is irritable and unsettled, provide comfort and cuddles’, always ensuring the Taglet Security Blanket is on your shoulder for him to cuddle into
  • To ensure your baby’s pacifier is readily available, attach it with the pacifier tag to the Taglet Security Blanket for Toddlers

Incorporate the Taglet Security Blanket into the bedtime and naptime routines

Place your Taglet Security Blanket in your baby’s hands when he is settling to sleep for babies older than 4 months.

Have a spare on hand and use them interchangeably

Babies are smart, and once they’ve become attached to a Taglet Security Blanket, they will notice subtle differences in texture, look, and smell. You can attempt to stave off the eventual loss or disintegration by switching back and forth between two regularly. The hope is that your baby won’t notice the difference, and by the time it matters, both will be in the same state of ‘loved’.

Wash it regularly

Since babies are very sensitive to changes in smell and texture, if you start off by washing the Taglet Security Blanket on a regular basis, your baby may become accustomed to having it washed, making it less of a fight for you in the long run.

Failure to follow each of the following warnings and instructions can result in serious injury or death.


  • This item contains small parts and can cause choking.
  • Inspect before each use and throw away if any part of the pacifier clip is worn, damaged or not securely attached. Test that the security blanket’s ribbons are secure at all times by pulling each ribbon with moderate force. If you are able to dislodge the ribbon, discontinue use and replace.


  • Do not allow security blanket to cover infant’s face or restrict air flow.
  • Let security blanket cool after leaving in sun, hot car or hot room.

Seek advice from a health care professional if uncertain. Read instructions for additional warnings and recommended guidelines. Keep packaging for future reference.