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Staying stylish and clean during mealtimes is made easy with our luxuriously soft Baby Sense Burp Cloths that have a double layer for super absorbency. Available in a pack of two burp cloths.

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The Burp Cloth is a stylish burp cloth that sets your baby apart from the rest. The super absorbent double layer burp cloths are made from 100% cotton toweling and interlock.

  • Generous size: for maximum coverage
  • Practical: two 100% cotton layers for extra absorbency
  • Comfortable: luxuriously soft for baby’s delicate skin
  • Feeding: It is common in the early days for your baby to bring up milk curds up after meals. To preserve your clothes from the stain and smell of milk curds the Burp cloth is the perfect solution.
  • Convenience: The Burp cloth is a small handy shape, perfect for your shoulder but conveniently sized to fit into a bag or pocket.

burpcloth_feeding_how to use

After a feed, you will need to burp your baby for a period of time to encourage a wind to be brought up. Sometimes a burp will pose no problem and come up quickly, at other times, your baby will not burp at all. Some babies bring up milk curds with the burp, others don’t.

The following are some useful positions for burping your baby:

  • Shoulder Burp: This position is the most popular. Place the Burp Cloth over your shoulder. Hold your baby against your shoulder with his tummy against your chest. Rub firmly or pat his back.
  • Sitting burp: If the shoulder burp position fails, try the sitting position, on your lap. Hold the burp cloth over your hand and put your covered hand under your baby’s chin, against his chest. Pat his back and rub until the burp emerges.

Do not pursue a burp if five or more minutes have passed, your baby will just become uncomfortable with all the handling.

Ensure that the breathing of the baby is not hampered in any way by the use of the product.