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A baby sleeping bag keeps your little one warm during as the room temperature drops in the early hours of the morning. Since babies tend to kick their blankets off they may wake at 3-4 am cool and uncomfortable.

The Sleepy Sac is pure cotton sleeping bag. The 100% cotton fabric breathes to prevent overheating.

The sleeping bag fits a baby from 5 to 18 months, keeps the baby warm and safe.


100% cotton baby sleeping bag.

Available in summer and winter weight. The Summer Sleepy Sac is white with a pink/stone, blue/stone and stone dot print. 

Safe Sleeping

The risk of overheating a baby (which has been associated with SIDS) means that one should not use duvets or any products with polyester for warmth. The Baby Sense® Sleepy Sac is made from pure cotton to ensure that while the baby is warm there is no risk of overheating.


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