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The Baby Sense® Nurture Nest is a convenient feeding pillow. Well positioned and supported by the Baby Sense® Nurture Nest, mum’s shoulders are assisted in supporting baby’s head. Nipples are less likely to be damaged by poor latch. The Baby Sense® Nurture Nest is conveniently shaped and small enough to fit in a nappy bag! The ease with which mums can position their babies for a good latch contributes to the success of feeding and establishing a breast milk supply. The Nurture Nest helps to position babies optimally, relieving shoulders as baby is held in the feeding position. The risk of backache is reduced. 

Why use a Nurture Nest

Feeding does not always come as naturally as new mums wish. A correct latch is essential for establishing breast milk supply and reducing damage to nipples. The Nurture Nest assists in positioning the baby optimally for feeding. The Versatile Nurture Nest is also the ultimate pregnancy pillow as it provides great support for a heavy bump in the last weeks of pregnancy.

Using the Nurture Nest