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The Baby Sense® Dummy Clip is a stylish attachment for dummies and soothers. It ensures your baby’s dummy will not be lost or drop on the floor during awake times. When your baby needs to self-soothe or go to sleep, the clip will ensure his dummy is never far away.
Available in pink, blue and stone.


Why use a dummy clip

• Calm: In young babies and toddlers, sucking is a wonderful means of self soothing. If your baby has chosen dummies as his favourite calming tool, you will want the beloved dummy to be easily accessible and will be conscious about preventing it from getting dirty. The Dummy Clip keeps the dummy close on hand and prevents it falling on the floor.

• Convenience: Losing dummies and keeping them clean are solved with this clever Dummy Clip.

• Sleep: If your young baby gets tired when you are out or while he is in a pram, the Dummy Clip will ensure his sleep tool – the dummy is readily available.

How to use the dummy clip

Connect the metal clip to your baby’s clothing or Taglet. Attach the dummy to the ribbon.