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Every mom needs something to carry her baby in. It must be light, convenient easy to use and most of all comfortable.

What’s unique about the Baby Sense Babaroo?

Unlike conventional baby carriers, the Babaroo supports the baby’s weight at two levels – the hip band supports the baby’s weight effectively meaning that much less weight is carried on the parent’s back or shoulders. In addition, the diagonal strap means better distribution of weight as well as the convenience of wearing the baby as we would naturally carry then – on the side, as opposed to directly in front of the body. Wearing a carrier that distributes the baby’s weight across the back without pulling the shoulders forward is better for posture and is more comfortable.

Using the Babaroo at different ages
0-3 months: Young babies and those who may be over stimulated easily should face inwards towards the parent’s body. Before the baby has good head control, face him inward with hood up to support his neck.

3-5 months: The baby can face inwards or outwards and can do so without the support of the hood.

6+ months: When the baby is older and can face outward, the sights of the world seen from close to the parent’s body are a distraction and may settle the baby.


Calm: Babies who are carried during the day are calmer in general. The movement of the parent’s body tends to soothe the baby.

Sleep: Movement during the day has been seen to enhance sleep at night.

Motor development: Movement stimulates the vestibular system, which has direct connections to the motor system. Babies who are carried hold their head up earlier and have better motor foundations for skills such as sitting balance.

Social development:  Being close to mom or dad during waking hours allows little ones to see the world through their parent’s eyes. They reference their parent’s responses to others and develop an understanding of non-verbal communication. On a social level this is very beneficial.

Convenience: When out and about, carrying their baby in a carrier that can be used hands free, is very convenient.  The Babaroo is a convenient, small carrier that can be taken on outings and tucked into the nappy bag until needed.