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Meg Faure

Megan Faure BSc, OT, OTR is an Occupational Therapist who has worked in paediatrics in the USA and South Africa for more than a decade. She is an active member of the South African Institute for Sensory Integration (SAISI), which is the body that oversees all therapists specialising in Sensory Integration in South Africa. It is affiliated with the Sensory Integration organizations in the USA.

As well as being a lecturer for SAISI on the treatment and theory of sensory integration disorders, Megan regularly lectures to both  professionals and parents on various baby and childcare issues, in particular how to help infants with extreme fussiness, poor sleep habits and feeding problems. Megan is the founder and chairperson of the Infant Sensory Integration Training group, which provides courses for therapists to equip them to understand and treat infant behaviour.

Megan is a journalist and author in the field of child psychology, parenting and child development. Passionate about her work and research into the field of infant development, particularly sensory integration, Meg felt that an understanding of the way a baby processes her world and the impact the sensory world has on sleep, feeding and development needed to be communicated to parents. She co- authored Baby Sense which has been translated into 4 languages and is a best seller. She followed this book’s success with Sleep Sense and Feeding Sense.

Megan writes for several regional and national publications in the UK and South Africa. She has made numerous television appearances in South Africa. She delivers talks on child rearing at NCT conferences and at the Baby Show in the UK and at many locations across South Africa. Megan runs practice in Cape Town where she sees babies and toddlers with sleep problems and sensory processing difficulties. 

She is married with a son and two daughters and lives in Cape Town, South Africa.