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Your Sensory Baby is a book that every new mother needs to have in her home. For the first time, bestselling author, mother and occupational therapist, Megan Faure reveals the four sensory personalities and how these match with a parents sensory personality.

Worried about why your baby is crying? Not getting enough sleep? No time to yourself? Your Sensory Baby shows you that the answers to all these problems and more lie in understanding how to read your baby’s body language and signals. Stunning photography, easy-to-use graphs and tables help moms to create a baby-centric routine so that you aren’t struggling to get your baby to sleep when he or she is awake and wants to play.

Understanding your baby’s senses will help parents to avoid over-stimulation, a leading cause of colic. Your Sensory Baby reveals the key to your baby’s contentment and sleep, though an understanding of his or her sensory world and signals.