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Three of the most common concerns you may have in your baby’s first year are:

The best-selling book, Baby Sense reveals that the answer to these concerns lies in your baby’s sensory world. Your baby’s response to his sensory world is the key to having a baby who is happily awake, learning from his world (Happy Days) or falling asleep with ease and sleeping peacefully for long stretches (Peaceful Nights ). In this unique book based on sensory integration principles, baby care consultants Megan Faure (an occupational therapist) and Ann Richardson (a specialist nursing sister) pool their wealth of hands-on experience and professional knowledge to help you tune in to your baby and understand how sensory input affects your baby; what your baby's signals mean and how to respond to these signals by regulating his sensory environment and stimulation.

This knowledge will enable you to keep your baby calm, contented and free from colic; provide optimal stimulation at appropriate times; to enhance his development and ensure that he has positive early sensory experiences.

The first part of the book provides answers and explanations for the common questions of the first year - feeding, sleep and crying, from the perspective of your baby’s sensory world. The second part is divided into six age bands from birth to one year, with guidelines and practical advice on feeding and sleep, establishing a flexible routine, age appropriate routines and detailed suggestions for appropriate stimulation to enhance development.