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Uncertain of what to eat in pregnancy or while breast feeding? Challenges with breast or bottle feeding? Or just looking for practical guidelines on introducing solids? Whether you have a fussy eater or an allergic baby, Feeding Sense prepares you for the road ahead and guides you through all your baby’s feeding milestones.

• Meg Faure, bestselling author of books in the ‘sense series’ looks at your baby’s sensory and emotional relationships with food and the developmental journey you embark on when feeding your baby.

• Bringing 15 years of experience as a paediatric dietician, Kath Megaw covers every curve ball from allergies to weight concerns as well as getting picky eaters to enjoy their food.

• Paediatrician Simon Strachan reassures you with simple guidelines on your baby’s health, common baby illnesses and why your baby won’t eat when sick.