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Anne Cawood - parenting challenges

No matter how much you prepare for it, parenting will blow your mind. While every parent’s biggest surprises are different, there are common themes to the ways that kids revolutionize our lives. They stretch from sleepless nights, tantrums, managing to have patience and changing relationship between husband and wife.

Join us for ‪#MomSense – where the #experts are making sense of it all. Anne Cawood will be answering all your #‎ParentingChallenges questions.


Date: April 22
Time: 20:00 – 21:00
Place: Baby Sense Facebook Page

Anne Cawood is the author of Children need Boundaries, Toddlers need Boundaries, Children need Grandparents and Adjusting the Boundaries. For more information from Anne Cawood go to www.boundariesinc.co.za or email her at anne@boundariesinc.co.za