Making space for baby

Babies take up so much space! How is it that such a tiny person can do this?

Space when travelling - BC (before children) I could happily pack a small weekend bag and throw it in the car 30 minutes before leaving for a weekend in the mountains. Suddenly James came along and we had to pack a trailer to take the camp cot, the pram, the high chair, the feeding pillow and an assortment of toys to keep him happy in the car for the journey! It is laughable how much space you need when travelling with kids!

Space in the home - BC, we could live in a loft apartment and it would always look neat. Three kids later, we need a huge house, space for the dogs (kids have to have pets, really?), two TV’s because the thirteen year old is sick of CBeebies and a double door fridge for all the food three kids consume.

Space in your mind - BC I could complete a patient report in a couple of hours, no sweat. Now it takes a week, in between the school lifts, parental musings and maternal guilt.

Space in time - BC I took a bath for half an hour, cooked slow meals and exercised! Now I can’t find a moment in my life to go to the loo on my own.

So my little Space Invaders… would I trade the cramped space, limited time and disorder for those BC days - not a chance! You are a wonderfully rich part of my life…

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