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Being a parent these days isn’t easy. Bringing a tiny baby into this world can be overwhelming. But here at Baby Sense®, there’s something important that we’ve learnt about these little bundles of joy: they develop best when they’re calm and rested. Sounds simple, right? But calming a baby isn’t always easy. There are little niggles that can come from nowhere and disrupt both sleeping and feeding. But we’ve got the answer. Baby Sense® has a range of books, products, apps, seminars, and information that give parents the tools to understand their baby’s sensory world. You’ll find out what leads to better sleep, a calmer baby and easier feeding. Happy days and peaceful nights. Is there anything better?

The Baby Sense® concept is based on understanding your baby’s sensory world, so it can provide you with the knowledge to decipher your baby’s ‘language’. Our wide range of international award-winning products, mobile and tablet apps and books are carefully researched to teach you to efficiently and safely interpret what your baby needs. Throughout this journey, you’ll learn to read your baby’s signals so you keep your baby calm, content and well-nourished. You’ll also learn how to provide the right kind of stimulation to speed up your baby’s development and ensure that he or she always has a positive sensory experience.

We’re looking forward to the future. We’ve got some exciting new products, plans and projects that we’re working on. Just like your baby, we’re growing quickly and working to find solutions to babies needs. What hasn’t changed is our focus: a baby develops best when she is calm and rested; the aim of Baby Sense® remains to provide the best quality babycare products and services for parents of babies, based on the sensory principles outlined in the revolutionary Sense-series of books.
“Baby” and “sense” in the same sentence? Don’t laugh just yet. Baby Sense® is the sense-able solution to sleepless nights, crying spells and unhappy babies.

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