Happy Days

Poor sleep habits may be related to...

QUESTION I have a 4.5month old baby who is a terrible sleeper! She wakes sometimes up to 6 times a night. She doesn’t have good day sleeps, she will sleep for... Read more

Peaceful Nights

Bed time routine for 6 week old

Q: Can you give me an example of how bedtime should work and at what time she should be going to bed at night. I have been giving her her last feed between 8 and 9... Read more

Jou Nuwe Baba

Jou nuwe baba wys vir jou dat die oplossing vir sy probleme, geleë is in jou begrip van jou baba se liggaamstaal en seine. Gebruik hierdie kennis om ’n buigsame roetine te skep wat om jou baba se behoeftes wentel

The Babysense Secret

Worried about why your baby is crying? Not getting enough sleep? No time to yourself? Create a gentle schedule that guides your baby into happy days and peaceful nights.

Your Sensory Baby

Your Sensory Baby shows you that creating a gentle schedule that will guide your child into peaceful, easy sleep and calm periods of wakefulness.

Baby Sense

Baby sense, the best selling baby care book focuses on baby’s sleep, calming and development. Practical solutions for all babies. Winner of two prestigious awards.

Sleep Sense

Your baby can sleep through. Sleep Sense guides you to rule out the basics then to understand your baby's natural capacity to self sooth and sleep through.

Feeding Sense

From pregnancy, breast feeding to bottle feeding and introducing solids. Feeding Sense prepares you for feeding and guides you through your baby’s feeding milestones.

Toddler Sense

Toddler Sense helps you know what constitutes normal toddler behaviour will help you accept and respect this and go a long way towards effective, guilt-free and realistic parenting.

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